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Wieshuberstraße 3

Tel.: +49 941 4 64 19 0Fax : +49 941 464 19 10
Contact : Johann Fenzl
Job : Managing Director
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1983
Spoken languages : Germ
Staff : 15 Wood-fuel staff : 6
E-mail : info@zreu.de
Web site : http://www.zreu.de
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ZREU / Zentrum für Rationelle Energieanwendung und Umwelt


ZREU is an organisation based in Bavaria specialising in energy, environmental protection and regional development. Since its foundation in 1983, the organisation has gained national and international credit. In 1995, it became the Centre for rational use of energy and environment. ZREU carries out planning and engineering missions and supervises projects related to energy saving and renewable energy, in co-operation with Eastern European countries.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Carrying out and co-ordination of feasibility and market research studies.

- Elaboration of frameworks.

- Monitoring of plant operation.

- Evaluation of technologies and projects for the European Union and participation in European networks (OPET…).

- Organisation of seminars and conferences.

- Support to innovative technologies.


Region of operation and fields of application


. Germany + co-operation with Eastern European countries.


- Resources (wood waste, energy crops).

- Biomass gasification and combined heat and power systems.

- Heating plants and district heating networks.


References and publications


- Wood-fired district heating network in Neualbeureuth, 3 MW.


- Business Guide : Biomass in Indonesia, 2000.

- Economic and environmental framework for the production of electricity from energy crops, 1992-95.

- Organisation and publication of the European Workshop Acts : « Advanced Biomass Technologies for Heat Production », Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic, 1994 (THERMIE BM 26).

- Organisation and publication of the European Force : “Biomass – The green energy” (THERMIE Programme action).

- Participation on the publication of the “Wood Fuel Newsletter” (THERMIE Programme action).

- Participation on the elaboration and publication of the study “Biomass tank – An innovative distribution system” (THERMIE Programme action).