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WVT - Bioflamm


Tel.: +49 2204 9744 0Fax : +49 2204 9744-26
Contact : Mr Biedenkopf
Job : NC
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1957
Spoken languages : Germ
Staff : 80 Wood-fuel staff : 60
E-mail : wvt@bioflamm.de
Web site : http://www.bioflamm.de
WVT - Bioflamm

Shredders and conditioning equipment
Automatic feeding systems
Accessories(dust absorbers, condensing units,...)
Other thermal equipment (pyrolysis, gasification, CHP,...)
Burners and boilers :
< 100 kW 500 - 2.000 kW
100 - 500 kW > 2.000 kW



WVT is a manufacturer based near Cologne specialising in wood-fuel and manufacturing automatic equipment marketed under the trade mark « Bioflamm ».


Wood-fuel expertise


- Uses : heat production.


- Clients : mainly secondary wood industries, farms and decentralised warming systems.


- Fuel : logs, comminuted wood and wood waste such as sawdust, other biomass.


- Product range :

. Grate furnaces.

. Combined boilers using logs or comminuted wood with built-in retort.

. Refractory lined pre-boilers connected to a boiler.

. Discharge mechanisms, automatic feeding systems, flue gas cleaning systems (cyclones, filters).

. Chippers.


Additional information


.  WVT is developing its activities in Eastern European countries (as yet there are some WVT plants operating in Slovenia, Russia Slovakia and Czech Republic).

.  In plants with pre-combustors, efficient combustion is achieved.


Region of operation and references


.  Germany, European Union, East European countries, North America, Brazil.


.  Huga & Co, Gütersloh, combustion of its own sawdust, total output 6MW.

.  Schleswag AG, Schönberg, heating plant for 200 flats, 1  MW.