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Wood Energy Switzerland
Seefeldstrasse 8
CH - 8008 ZURICH

Tel.: +41 1 250 88 11Fax : +41 1 250 88 22
Contact : Christophe Rutschmann
Job : NC
Statute : Non profit organisation Creation date : 1979
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 10 Wood-fuel staff : 10
E-mail : info@holzenergie.ch
Web site : http://www.holzenergie.ch
Consultancy Company



Originally founded to find outlets for poor quality wood, Wood Energy Switzerland received a boost in 1990 after public disaffection with nuclear and hydro-electric energy. In collaboration with the Federal Energy Office, which is implementing the «Swiss Energy» scheme, Wood Energy Switzerland is in charge of the « Programme for the Promotion of Wood-fuel ». The objective is to double wood-fuel use within 10 years.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Mobilisation of resources (interface between supplier and consumer).

- Inventories and technical and economic audits of automatic feeding boilers.

- Studies on boiler emissions.

- Promotion of wood-fuel in municipalities.

- Communication i.e. conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations, training and publications.

- Management of financial aid for equipment investment.



Region of operation and fields of application


. Throughout Switzerland.


- Domestic heating.

- District heating.

- Industrial heating plants.

- Gasification.



References and publications


- Magazine of Renewable Energies (6 issues per year, 40 pages). Available in German and in French.

- «Report on the Use of Recovered Wood for Energy in Plants from 1 to10 MW».

- «Wood Heating, a Modern and Environmentally-sound Method ».


- Web site in French : http://www.energie-bois.ch

- Web site in German : http://www.holzenergie.ch

- Web site in Italian : http://www.energia-legno.ch