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VTT Processes
P.O. Box 1603

Tel.: +358 14 672 611Fax : +358 14 672 597
Contact : Satu Helynen
Job : NC
Statute : Research centre Creation date : 1942
Spoken languages : Fin, Swe, Eng
Staff : 2600 Wood-fuel staff : 30
E-mail : stau.helynen@vtt.fi
Web site : http://www.vtt.fi
VTT Processes
Research Centre



VTT is the largest and the most versatile contract research institute in the Nordic Countries. VTT Processes, one of nine VTT’s institutes, promotes export of energy technology through research and product development and creates new energy solutions for nations, companies and consumers. It helps to reduce then environmental impact of energy use and promotes efficient use of energy.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Research.

- Production methods.

- Product development.

- Combustion and gasification.


Region of operation and fields of application


. Finland and Europe.


- Production chains for wood fuel and raw material.

- Developing competitive new integrated harvesting methods.

- Methods and equipment for wood-fuel production.

- Combustion of wood-fuel, especially :

. new small heating units,

. reducing emissions,

. combined use of coal and biomass.

- Gasification of biomass.


References and publications


- Co-ordinator of the BIOENERGIA research programme (1993-1996) which involved many Finnish organisations for research programmes or bio-energies.

- Co-ordinator of PUUENERGIA (wood energy) Technology Programme (1999-2003).

- Massahake method patent : it combines the production of energy and raw material from wood. It utilises practically the entire trees which are harvested undelimbed, chipped and the clean chip (for pulp industry) is separated from the hogged fuel (for energy production).

- Pressurized Drying method : it is based on the combined operation of steam dryer gasifier and gas turbine for CHP production from wet biomass.

- Pressurized Combustion Processes : it increases the efficiency of electric power generation and does not create a lot of carbon monoxide.

- Atmospheric fluidised bed combustion by laboratory scale reactors.