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TTS - Institute, Department of Forestry
Department of Forestry P.O. Box 28

Tel.: +358 0 2904 1200Fax : +358 0 692 2084
Contact : Jouko Mäkelä
Job : Head of Department
Statute : R & D Institute Creation date : 1924
Spoken languages : Fin, Eng, Swe
Staff : 13 Wood-fuel staff : 8
E-mail : tts@tts.fi
Web site : http://www.tts.fi
TTS INSTITUTE - Dept. Of Forestry
Wood research Centre



The TTS-Institute’s Department of Forestry specialises in the development of timber harvesting and silviculture for private, non-industrial forest owners and in the development of the private, non-industrial forestry sector in general. The Department of Forestry studies, develops, provides information in order to promote and develop forestry. It conducts research focusing on forest work and the utilization of indigenous fuels. The main emphasis is on down-to-earth activities in the areas of wood harvesting, silvicultural jobs and the harvesting and utilization of bioenergy. The Department is also involved in the development of economic and safe equipment and methods in this field. TTS produces information especially for the advisory organisations of the private, non-industrial forestry sector and for the forest and small home owners.


Wood-fuel expertise


- R & D programmes.

- Testing and trials.

- Information dissemination.


Region of operation and fields of application


.  Mainly Finland, newly Estonia in form of a technology transfer project “District heating plant and fuel wood harvesting in Otepää, Estonia”.


- Forest wood-fuel small-scale harvesting.

- Forest wood-fuel machinery.

- Biofuel-based heating systems for small houses.


References and publications


- TEHO - Journal (in Finnish with English summaries, 6 times a year).

- TTS-Institute’s Forestry Bulletin (in Finnish with English summaries, 15 times a year), here some examples :

. Forest haulage of longwood and small-diameter whole trees using an agricultural tractor”, 1998, n°595.

. “Municipalities’ experiences with heating entrepreneurship”, 1998, n°596.

. “Development of heating entrepreneurship in Finland”, 1998 n°597.

. “TTS-Polttopuu – cost calculation model for fuelwood”, 1998, n°598.

.      “New trailer for agricultural tractors for forest haulage of energy wood and pulpwood”, 1999, n°602.

- TTS-Institute’s publication series (in Finnish with English summaries, published annually in the form of research reports), for instance :

. “On the use of purchased fuel wood in detached houses in Finland”, 1996, n°351.

. “Technology in harvesting of energy wood by Finnish forest owners”, 1998, n°363.

. “Heating entrepreneurship in Finland”, 1998, n°364.