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TPS Termiska Processer AB

S - 611 82 NYK÷PING

Tel.: +46 155 22 13 00Fax : +46 155 26 30 52
Contact : Henrik Lundberg
Job : Marketing Manager
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1992
Spoken languages : Swe, Eng, Fr, Spa, It, Germ
Staff : 45 Wood-fuel staff : 40
E-mail : hl@tps.se
Web site : http://www.tps.se
Research Centre

traduction biomasse


TPS Termiska Processer is a private company founded in 1992 by a consortium of several Swedish companies and the firmís own personnel. TPS inherited the experience and know-how acquired over 15 years by the Department of Energy and Environment in Studsvik (patent of the circulating fluidised bed concept, biomass gasification...). TPScarries out large scale projects related to wood-fuel in Europe and throughout the world. It focuses on clean and high efficiency methods for energy conversion.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Basic and industrial research in the following fields :

. development of processes and products.

. trials and monitoring of pilot projects.

- Commercial launching of new technologies (licences, joint ventures...).

- Surveys in the fields of energy and environment protection.


Region of operation and fields of application


. All countries.


- Programme to improve the performances of urban district heating networks in Sweden (Research Programme for Municipal Heat Producers), which aims to optimise various technologies such as pulverised bed burners, control of circulating fluidised bed combustion (CFB) and gas throat burners.

- Electricity production project in the UK (Yorkshire) based on atmospheric gasification combined cycle, including the planting of 2 000 hectares of fast-growing willows (ARBRE/THERMIE project) in collaboration with Yorkshire Environmental, a subsidiary of Yorkshire Water.

- Electricity production project in Brazil in collaboration with Brazilian Consortium, Global Environment, Facility Fund and the World Bank.


References and publications


- Implementation of the CFB patent by several manufacturers :

. Kvaerner Generator, Sweden (Boden Community, 20 MWth, 1985).

. Babcock and Wilcox, USA (several wood plants, power ranging from 50 to 75 MWth).

- Heat and power production via Gasification in the range of 5 to 50 MWe, Interlaken, Switzerland, May 11-15th 1992.

- Newsletter, two issues a year.