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Thermal Biomass Utilization Group
Inffeldg. 25/3
A - 8010 GRAZ

Tel.: +43 316 481 300Fax : +43 316 481 300 4
Contact : Ingwald Obernberger
Job : Head of Research Group
Statute : Research Institute Creation date : 1992
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 10 Wood-fuel staff : 10
E-mail : obernberger@glvt.tu-graz.ac.at
Web site : http://vt.tu-graz.ac.at/bios
Research Institute

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The Thermal Biomass Utilisation Group is a research group at the Institute of Chemical Engineering Fundamentals and Plant Engineering, part of the Technical University Graz. The group performs research and development in the field of thermal biomass utilisation and in small- and medium-scale combined heat and power plants.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Characterisation of the physical properties and the chemical composition of biomass fuels and ashes.

- Research on the behaviour of ash-forming elements in biomass combustion / gasification processes and their influencing variables.

- High-temperature equilibrium calculations for ash-forming elements and their compounds in biomass combustion and gasification plants.

- Technological and ecological optimisation of biomass combustion plants (NOx reduction by primary measures, improved excess oxygen control, flue gas condensation).

- Aerosol formation and characterisation as well as possibilities of efficient aerosol separation in biomass combustion and gasification plants.

- Mechanism of deposition and corrosion in biomass combustion plants.

- Simulation of fluid dynamics and combustion in biomass grate furnaces using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and considering kinetic aspects.

- Development of an in-situ measurement method for hot gases based on FT-IR spectroscopy.


Region of operation and fields of application


Austria and European Union.


References and publications


- “BIORENEW - Bioremediation and Economic Renewal of Industrially Degraded Land by Biomass Fuel Crops" - ENV4-CT97-0610.

- "BIOMIS - Reduction of fouling, slagging and corrosion characteristics of miscanthus for power and heat generation using biotechnology" - FAIR-CT98-3571.

- “BIOAEROSOLS - Aerosols in fixed-bed biomass combustion-formation, growth, chemical composition, deposition, precipitation and separation from flue gas” - ERK6-CT-1999-00003.

- “Concerted action on pre-nominative biomass specification - EU-THERMIE B STR 2066-98-UK)”.

- “INDEBIF - An Integrated European Market for Densified Biomass Fuels” - ALTENER PROJECT AL/98/520.