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Tech-Wise A/S

Tel.: +45 79 23 33 33Fax : +45 75 56 44 77
Contact : Erik Ravn Schmidt
Job : Business Manager, Biomass and Waste Engineering
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1972
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 250 Wood-fuel staff : 30
E-mail : ers@techwise.dk
Web site : http://www.techwise.dk
Engineering Company



Tech-Wise A/S is an international consulting engineering company owned by Elsam A/S which is the main power producer in Denmark. Tech-Wise A/S provides a full range of consultancy services based on consolidated know-how and 30 years cooperation with Elsam A/S and other clients in Denmark and abroad. New power plants, rehabilitation, combined heat and power generation, energy planning, environmental protection and growing, harvesting, transport, storage, handling, treatment and technologies for conversion of biomass into heat and power form part of the field of specialisation.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Introductory project activities, such as :          . technical and economic feasibility studies ;

                                                                     . energy planning and Demand Site Management (DSM) ;

                                                                     . environmental impact assessment ;

                                                                     . preliminary design ;

                                                                     . financing services.

- Project implementation activities, such as :      . project management ;

                                                                     . engineering ;

                                                                     . supervision ;

                                                                     . commissioning ;

                                                                     . operation and maintenance ;

                                                                     . training programmes.

- Participation in EU as well as IEA founded projects concerning biomass and wood as fuels.


Region of operation and fields of application


Tech-Wise has been working internationally since the establishment of the company providing services to clients in Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.


References and publications


- Test of co-firing with 21% saw dust in a 125 MWe pulverized coal-fired boiler.

- Gasification tests of 2 t/h dry matter of willow.

- Detailed engineering of a wood chip fired steam boiler (28,000 ton/year).

- Detailed engineering of an 88 MWe CFB multi-fuel heat and power plant (20% straw, 40% wood chip and 40% coal).

- Detailed engineering of a system for co-firing with up to 50% saw dust and wood-powder for retrofit at an 89 MWe heat and power plant.

- Detailed engineering of a combined natural gas and wood chip fired steam boiler. Consumption : 200 000 t/year of wood chips.

- Detailed engineering of a combined straw and wood chip fired steam boiler. Annual consumption : 30 000 t of wood chips and 120 000 t of straw.