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Box 857
S - 50115 BORÅS

Tel.: +46 33 16 50 00Fax : +46 33 13 19 79
Contact : Lennart Gustavsson
Job : Senior Researcher
Statute : NC Creation date : NC
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 550 Wood-fuel staff : 15
E-mail : lennart.gustavsson@sp.se
Web site : http://www.sp.se
Research Institute



SP is the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, a fully government-owned company and the primary applied research and third party testing institute of Sweden. The Institute develops and disseminates technique for improved efficiency and quality in industry, and for safety, resource saving processes, and good environment in the society. It possesses a wide range of most advanced technology for technical testing, measurement technology, performance evaluation, and certification. Research and development take place in close co-operation with about 70 universities and other institutes. SP can maintain a national top level of competence in each of its 30 different technical fields, and act as a platform for the participation in EU-projects and national competence centers.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Technical evaluation and research on combustion equipment and processes for biofuels.

- Measurement and research concerning emissions from biomass combustion.

- Analysis and characterisation of biomass and related fuels.

- Quality marking and assurance of combustion equipment for biofuels.

- System studies concerning introduction and development of biofuel use.

- Special competence for small-scale combustion equipment.

- Special competence for pellet technology.



Region of operation and references


SP acts both on national and European levels. Apart from a large number of industrial customers, SP is deeply involved in national research programs within the biomass field. The research is often conducted in co-operation with other national and international key actors. SP is also the Swedish representative in the IEA Biomass Combustion Task as well as in a number of CEN standardisation items. SP has worked in the biomass combustion field for more than 15 years