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Scandinavian Energy Project AB
Bror Nilssons gata 16
S - 417 55 GÖTEBORG

Tel.: +46 31 779 42 00Fax : +46 31 51 18 91
Contact : Stig Backman
Job : Chief Consultant
Statute : NC Creation date : 1988
Spoken languages : Swe, Scandinavian languages, Eng, Germ
Staff : 11 Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : sep@sep.se
Web site : http://www.sep.se
Consultancy Company




.E.P is a consultancy company providing services in the fields of energy and the environment  to clients throughout Europe (energy conversion, project management, environmental questions, energy markets, implementation of patents and licences). The permanent team is assisted by a network of experts. It has the necessary expertise to carry out technical, economic and strategic projects. Around two-thirds of contracts relate to wood-fuel.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Advice in the field of alternative energy strategies and the selection of technologies.

- Project work and engineering studies.

- Economic studies.

- Project appraisals.

- Assistance for patents and licences.

- Market research.

- Training.



Region of operation and fields of application


. Scandinavian countries, Europe, North America.


- Establishment of biomass heating plants and conversion of existing coal heating plants in industry and in district heating networks.

- Combustion and gasification :

. combined heat and power systems using biomass (study of different processes) ;

. co-combustion of pulverised wood and coal in high-pressure steam boilers.

- Reduction of NOx emissions :

. optimisation of boilers fired with biomass (FB, CFB, grate and chemical recovery boilers) ;

. technical and economic assessment of NOx reduction systems.

- Energy utilisation from special biomass fuels such as animal residual products, sewage sludge, sorted municipal and industrial waste.



References and publications


Conversion to Biomass Fuel Firing - Technology and Commercial Engineering, two technical papers presented at conferences in Helsinki, Finland, 1993 and Szczyrk, Poland, 1995.