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Bio-Energy Research Group Aston University

Tel.: +44 121 359 3611Fax : +44 121 359 6814
Contact : Tony Bridgwater
Job : Co-ordinator
Statute : NC Creation date : NC
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : a.v.bridgwater@aston.ac.uk
Web site : http://www.pyne.co.uk
United Kingdom
Biomass Pyrolysis



PyNe (the Biomass Pyrolysis Network) is a global network of active researchers and developers of fast pyrolysis of biomass. It has been established to discuss and exchange information on scientific and technological developments on biomass pyrolysis and related technologies for the production of liquid fuels, electricity and chemicals. It is sponsored by the EC Energie Programme and IEA Bioenergy and has been recently renewed for a further 3 years.


Each of the 16 countries formally represented on PyNe has an official representative with the responsibility of collecting information on activities in their country and disseminating information to interested organisations and persons in their country.


The Network functions through a regular programme of meetings, seminars, workshops and technical visits, which are open to anyone to attend. In addition a newsletter is published twice a year and a web site is maintained.


The major technical contributions of PyNe are :

- applications for bio-oil ;

- characterisation, analysis, norms and standards ;

- environment, health and safety aspects of bio-oil ;

- slow pyrolysis for charcoal ;

- technical and non technical barriers ;

- tecnology review ;

- economics and finance.


To contact PyNe :      Co-ordinator : Tony BRIDGWATER

Administrators : Julie ELLEN or Claire HUMPHREYS

Pyrolysis Network

Bio-Energy Research Group

Aston University

UK - Birmingham, B4 7ET

United Kingdom

Tel. : +44 121 359 3611

Fax : +44 121 359 6814

E-mail :     a.v.bridgwater@aston.ac.uk




For more information, see PyNe's web site : http://www.pyne.co.uk.