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EC ; DG TREN B2 rue de la Loi 200

Tel.: NCFax : +32 2 296 83 50
Contact : D. Mormile
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Energy Technologies Promotion



The OPET Network (Organisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies) aims to promote the results of new energy technologies and their introduction in society. Its activities support European policy in terms of improving energy efficiency, of increasing the diversity of supply and broadening the use of renewable energy sources. The Network operates under the 5th EU Framework Programme for Research and Development (1998-2002) as part of the "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme".


OPET currently includes over 115 partner organisations in 48 countries within the European Union, the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Cyprus and associated states (Latin America, China, India, Southern Africa, ASEAN, Black Sea Region and former CIS countries). Most of the OPET members are energy agencies with a public mandate. These are mainly public bodies, although some have limited company status and several private organisations are also involved.


The main roles of the OPET Network are the following :

- to promote innovative energy technologies ;

- to promote the integration of new technologies ;

- to provide a platform across national and regional boundaries for European collaboration in the energy sector ;

- to provide a gateway to other networks and programmes ;

- to act as a market observatory ;

- to act as a technology auditor ;

- to assess the market impact of energy technologies ;

- to promote technology assessment and technology forecasting.


The OPET Network carries out diverse range of activities, all designed to help industry, public agencies, utilities and the wider society to benefit from the opportunities offered by clean and efficient energy technologies in three key sectors :

- renewable energy sources (wind, solar thermal, photovoltaics, small hydro, biomass, biofuels and geothermal ; integration of RES technologies) ;

- rational use of energy (in buildings, industry and transport) ;

- fossil fuels (clean coal technologies).


For more information about the OPET Network :


contact           Ms D. MORMILE

OPET Network

European Commission, DG TREN B2, Cell for dissemination and valorisation of results

Rue de la Loi, 200 ; B - 1049 Brussels

Fax : +32 2 296 83 50


or see the web site : http://europa.eu.int/comm/energy_transport/en/lb_en.html.