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Franz Grill Strasse 5
A - 1030 WIEN

Tel.: +43 1 798 16 01 49Fax : +43 1 798 16 01 528
Contact : Martin Englisch
Job : NC
Statute : Non profit organisation Creation date : 1946
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 70 Wood-fuel staff : 4
E-mail : martin.englisch@ofi.co.at
Web site : http://www.ofi.co.at
Research Institute



The institute consists of 8 separate departments. The main tasks are testing and applied research. More than 800 accredited methods and experts for different subjects offer comprehensive possibilities and knowledge. Operating without government subsidies, the institute provides fast and confidential solutions.


The institute for ecoengineering provides services for biomass, renewable resources and waste management.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Physical and chemical analysis of wood-fuels and other biomass fuels.

- Participation in programmes to develop wood-fuels, especially wood pellets.



Region of operation


. Europe