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Nykomb Synergetics AB
Floragatan 10 B

Tel.: +46 8 440 4050Fax : +46 8 440 4055
Contact : Tomas Ekbom
Job : Project Manager
Statute : Commercial Creation date : 1990
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 10 Wood-fuel staff : 4
E-mail : info@nykomb.se
Web site : http://www.nykomb.se
Consultancy Company

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


Nykombs Synergetics AB is an independent contractor that develops new concepts of process schemes and provides services in process and power systems engineering and project development. Its clients are municipalities, government agencies, industries, heating networks, electricity producers. It proposes boilers and gasifier units above 1 MW for all types of wood and biomass residues (forest wastes, bagasse, wood industry by-products) and provides the financial and commercial expertise required for the project and its implementation.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Special expertise in the partial oxidation conversion of wood fuels and black liquor into power and chemicals, using various gasification/gas turbine technologies.

- Process architect with development of process schemes in IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) plants for efficient production of power and chemicals.



Region of operation


Office located in Stockholm with a professional record of more than 100 projects mainly in Europe, but also in North America and Africa.


Example of projects:

- Project development of 1-5 MW biomass CHP plant in Ghana using updraft gasifier technology sponsored by Dept. of Energy, USA within the Small Modular Biopower Program.

- Feasibility study of 1 000 tons/day biomass based methanol plant in Sweden using CFB gasification and methanol synthesis, sponsored by the European Commission within the Altener program and the Swedish National Energy Administration.