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Nolting Feuerungstechnik GmbH
Wiebuschstraße 15
D - 32760 DETMOLD

Tel.: +49 5231 95550Fax : +49 5231 955555
Contact : Mr Hülsmann
Job : General Manager
Statute : Public Co Creation date : 1983
Spoken languages : Germ
Staff : 120 Wood-fuel staff : 120
E-mail : info@nolting-online.de
Web site : http://www.nolting-online.de

Shredders and conditioning equipment
Automatic feeding systems
Accessories(dust absorbers, condensing units,...)
Other thermal equipment (pyrolysis, gasification, CHP,...)
Burners and boilers :
< 100 kW 500 - 2.000 kW
100 - 500 kW > 2.000 kW



Nolting is a family company which is part of the international Brunner group and has gained European recognition with the manufacture of wood-fuel firing equipment. The firm is based in Germany with a subsidiary in Austria. It has a wide experience of heat production.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Uses : heat, drying.


- Clients : industry, wood industry, joinery, district heating networks, communities, private individuals.


- Fuel : logs, chips, sawdust, wood waste.


- Product range :

. handfired boilers (from 45 to 150 kW) with exhaust fan for burning logs and wood waste ;

. automatic fed boilers with underfeeding stoker, cross grate firing and forward-feeding grate firing for burning chips, sawdust and granulated wood ;

. various wood-fuel handling systems, small storage silos and endless screw feeding systems.



Additional information


.  Control of combustion quality, even in the low-powered boilers (probes).

.  Wide range of products supplied.



Region of operation


. Europe.