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Niedersächsische Energie-Agentur GmbH
Ruehmkorffstr. 1
D - 30163 HANNOVER

Tel.: +49 511 96 529 15Fax : +49 511 96 529 99
Contact : Almut Tobola
Job : NC
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1991
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 19 Wood-fuel staff : 4,5
E-mail : post@nds-energie-agentur.de
Web site : http://www.nds-energie-agentur.de
Regional Energy Agency

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


Niedersächsische Energie-Agentur is an institution which promotes rational use of energy, efficient energy transformation and renewable energy sources. It is also competent in realising projects in these sectors and develops models for financing and operating with the aim to realise potentials for energy saving and climate protection.


Since 1998, when the Ministry of Agriculture established the information and consulting centre BEN (Bioenergie Niedersachsen), the focus on biomass has grown.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Information about modern automatic boilers (200 to 2,000 kW) for wood energy e.g. for schools, swimming-pools, hospitals, district heating networks.

- Seminars and site-visits.

- Information about subsidies.

- Pre-feasibility studies.

- Functional calls for tender for construction and operation of biomass heating plants.

- Complete planning.

- Evaluation of studies from others e.g. energy supply companies.



Region of operation and fields of application


. Germany.


- Target groups are municipalities (about 70% of clients), forestry, industry and energy supply companies.



References and publications


- Feasibility study, planning and realisation of wood storage and boiler (350 kW) in the school of Wathlingen (near Celle, Niedersachsen).

- Pre-feasibility study about a municipal district heating network (wood chips, 2 MW) in Norden (Niedersachsen, near the North Sea).

- Seminars during the international fairies Lignaplus 1999 and 2001 (with conference report).