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National Agency for Renewable Energy
313 Splaiul Independentei Sector 6

Tel.: +40 1 411 9603Fax : +40 1 411 9962
Contact : Dr Lanrentiu Fara / Ioan Braga
Job : President / Biomass Advisor
Statute : Non profit organisation Creation date : 1993
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 10 Wood-fuel staff : 2
E-mail : anesr@nare.renerg.pub.ro
Web site : http://renerg.pub.ro
NARE Physics Department
National Energy Agency

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


NARE, the Romanian agency for renewable energy, was founded in 1993. Its main purpose is the promotion of the European programmes in renewable energy field, biomass being one of the most important technologies in the area. In the PHARE and ALTENER programmes, NARE developed policies on short, middle and long term utilisation of biomass in Romania. Another activity undertaken is the environmental impact of energy and co-generation plants with specific emphasis on legislation in the renewable energy and rural sectors.



Wood-fuel expertise


NARE collaborate with the National Institute of Wood (INL) on the following tasks :

- feasibility studies ;

- consulting in engineering and economics for wood residues, collection, transportation and storage ;

- wood fuel preparation storage and feeding ;

- steam and hot water boiler projects including flue gas cleaning ;

- only-heat boiler plants for industry and district heating & cogeneration plants.



 Region of operation


NARE & INL have developed activities both in Romania and in other European and non-European countries.