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Metsäteho Oy
Unioninkatu 14

Tel.: +358 9 132 5242Fax : +358 9 659 202
Contact : Antti Korpilahti
Job : Senior Research Specialist
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1945
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 28 Wood-fuel staff : 5
E-mail : antti.korpilahti@metsateho.fi
Web site : http://www.metsateho.fi
Wood Harvesting R&D Centre

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Metsäteho Oy is a company providing research and development services related to wood harvesting, silvicultural operations and environmental management for shareholders and other clients. Training services and client-specific extensions are examples of implementation of R&D results. Metsäteho is owned by major Finnish pulp and paper companies, sawmills, Forest and Park Service (organisation for state-owned forests) and some other forestry related organisations.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Studies and consultancy in wood fuel production from small-sized trees, thinning and logging residues.

- Felling of trees, collection of logging residues, extraction and transport, comminution at site as well as at the heat and power plant.

- Design of productivity and cost calculation models of wood fuel supply.

- Wood ash recycling.



Region of operation and fields of application


Finland. Knowledge applies to wood fuel production in most of the European countries.


Finnish Bioenergy Research Programme 1993 –1998 :

- participator of the steering group ;

- co-ordinator of wood fuel production techniques.



References and publications


Examples of recent wood fuel projects carried out by Metsäteho :

- Energy wood harvesting from pre-commercial thinning and harvesting tree-sections from first thinning.

- Integrated production of wood fuels and pulpwood using chain-flail delimbing-debarking technology.

- Integrated production of wood fuel and pulp wood from young stands.

- Logging waste from regeneration cuttings as a source of fuel.

- Wood fuel production based on chipping on the consumption site.

- Biomass ash utilisation in forestry (granulation, leaching of nutrients, heavy metals).