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LWK für Steiermark
Hamerlinggasse 3
A - 8010 GRAZ

Tel.: +43 316 8050 311Fax : +43 316 8050 1510
Contact : Josef PLANK
Job : Spokesman
Statute : NC Creation date : 1928
Spoken languages : Germ, Eng
Staff : 550 Wood-fuel staff : 16
E-mail : office@lk-stmk.at
Web site : http://www.lk-stmk.at
LK für Steiermark
Professional organisation



The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry has been concerned with the use of wood as fuel since the 1980s. It is involved with the development of local and renewable energy sources since 1980, working in co-operation with the Styrian Energy Agency. It has been able to make the most of this mountainous farming region (60 % woodlands, many wood-processing industries, harsh climate) by creating a dynamic wood-fuel chain. 103 district heating networks have been established with the help of technical and financial partners. Their output amounts to more than 143 MW.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Studies on fuel conditioning.

- Feasibility studies of district heating networks.

- Assistance in project work and design.

- Information and public relations.

- Participation in the foundation of two partner organisations :

. Biowärme (in collaboration with the federation of farming co-operatives and the « Credit Agricole ») : implementation and operation of the large networks ;

. Ökoenergie Steiermark : federation of heat producers.



Region of operation and fields of application


. Styria.

- District heating networks.



References and publications


- Overall study of the Styrian rural district heating networks.

- Small chip-wood boilers and log-woodboilers.

- Short rotation forest.