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Landes Energie Verein Steiermark
Burggasse 9/11
A - 8010 GRAZ

Tel.: +43 0316 877 5442Fax : +43 0316 877 3391
Contact : Horst Scheuer
Job : Consultant
Statute : Non profit organisation Creation date : 1981
Spoken languages : Germ, Eng
Staff : 36 Wood-fuel staff : 4
E-mail : h.scheuer@lev.at
Web site : http://www.lev.at
Regional Agency



Since 1984, Styria has drawn up an energy plan with two objectives i.e. energy conservation and efficiency, and the development of local and renewable energy sources. The Styrian Regional Energy Agency was created to implement the plan. Concerning projects related to biomass, the Agency works in collaboration with the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry. Within a few years, the number of district heating networks burning wood has increased considerably. Today there are more than 170 networks totalling more than 180 MW, most of which are operated by co-operatives and by municipalities.



Wood-fuel expertise


Assistance to wood district heating networks in both technical and organisational aspects, in collaboration with different partners (Chamber of Agriculture, Biowärme...).



Region of operation and fields of application


. Styria mainly, but also many EU projects.


- Urban and semi-rural district heating networks.



References and publications


- Assistance to more than 170 district heating networks and micronets, about 50 of which range in power from 1 to 3 MW and 13 of which are above 3 MW.

- 8 district heating networks are operated by the municipalities ; more than 75 by co-operatives and the remaining by private companies.


- Guide book : Biomass District Heating.

- Guide Book : For Municipal Energy Concepts.

- BIO Plan : Software for the planning of district heating networks.