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Landtechnik Weihenstephan
Vöttinger Straße 36
D - 85354 FREISING

Tel.: +49 8161 713303Fax : +49 8161 714048
Contact : Arno Strehler
Job : Head of Department
Statute : Regional Government Creation date : NC
Spoken languages : Germ, Eng
Staff : 95 Wood-fuel staff : 5
E-mail : hartmann@tec.agrar.tu-muenchen.de
Web site : http://www.tec.agrar.tu-muenchen.de



The Centre of Agricultural Engineering of Munich University of Technology has been involved in heat production from biomass since 1974, and in environmental aspects related to the development of energy crops since 1978. This team also works in the field of bio-fuels for vehicles, its main involvement being in fundamental and applied research. The centre also maintains a regular extension service concerning domestic wood combustion. A permanent exhibition for wood combustion technology has been established.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Research and development into wood heating equipment : optimisation of boilers, combustion chambers and control devices.

- Energy audits and measurement of emissions (CO, NOx, SO2…) on test stand.

- Biofuel quality management and standardisation.

- Harvesting of short rotation forestry coppice and herbaceous crops.

- System evaluation and design of logistic chains.

- Market observation on volume, structure and manufacturers for biomass combustion systems.



Region of operation and fields of application


. Germany.


- Heating.

- Energy crops.

- Forest residues.



References and publications


- The competitiveness of biomass compared to other renewable energy sources concerning ecological, economical and technical aspects, 1995, 397 p.

- Performance of biomass combustion systems with respect to airborne emissions and development of technical solution for the improvement of the combustion process, 1995, 350 p.

- Kaltschmitt and Hartmann (Eds.) : Energy from Biomass (in German language), Springer Press, Berlin, 2001.