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Utrechtseweg 310

Tel.: +31 85 56 62 14Fax : +31 26 356 62 14
Contact : A.J.A. Konings
Job : Senior consultant
Statute : NC Creation date : 1927
Spoken languages : Dut, Eng, Germ
Staff : 1500 Wood-fuel staff : 10
E-mail : A.J.A.Konings@kema.nl
Web site : http://www.kema.nl
Engineering Company



KEMA is an international engineering company operating within energy and environment related fields (thermal and nuclear plants, waste incineration…). An increasing part of its activity is focused on unconventional solutions such as co-combustion of wood and coal and wood gasification, which put less strain on the environment.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Analyses of wood waste.

- Spontaneous combustion.

- Monitoring of combustion (fuel, gas emissions, ashes…).

- Supervision of pilot operations (1 MW).

- Generalisation to operations on a wider scale.



Region of operation and fields of application


. All countries.


- Co-combustion of wood mixed with pulverised coal.

- Re-use of ashes.

- Wood gasification and high efficiency wood power plants.



References and publications


- Power plant in Gelderland (600 MWe) operated by EPON, combustion of powdered coal and wood waste (5 % of total) and re-use of ashes to make cement.

- Co-combustion of Coal and Waste Wood, Consequences for the By-product Quality, Environmental Aspects of Construction with Waste Materials, Elsevier Science B.V., 1994.

- Technical co-firing constraints.

- Feasibility study Torbed gasification reactor for biomass and waste.

- Biomass and waste-to-energy conversion in the Netherlands by means of (in)direct co-combustion : status, projects and future applications in the Dutch utility sector (presented at : Progress in thermochemical biomass conversion, Tyrol, September 2000).

- Operational experiences of (in)direct co-combustion in coal and gas fired power plant in Europe, May 2001.