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KanEnergi Sweden AB
P.O. Box 41
S - 53221 SKARA

Tel.: +46 511 347 664Fax : +46 511 200 64
Contact : Mats Rydehell
Job : Managing Director
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1997
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 16 Wood-fuel staff : 3
E-mail : mats.rydehell@kanenergi.se
Web site : http://www.kanenergi.com
Consultancy Company

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


KanEnergi is a Nordic consulting company specialising in services related to energy, the environment and sustainable development. Working with government authorities, private companies and NGOs in developed and developing countries, it strives to support sustainable and rational development of the society, in particular in relation to production and use of energy. Its job in this context is to provide return on investment advice based on the principle of sustainability.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Planning and policy analysis.

- Corporate advice, innovation and business development.

- Market analysis for products and services.

- Feasibility studies.

- Research and development.

- Market introduction of energy efficient products and services.

- Participation in international information networks.

- Development of courses and course material.



 Region of operation


- Europe.

- USA / Canada.

- China.

- Africa.

- South America.