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Estrada do Paço do Limiar, 22
P - 1649-038 LISBOA

Tel.: +351 217 165 154Fax : +351 217 166 569
Contact : Ibrahim Gulyurtlu - Filomena Pinto
Job : Senior Researchers
Statute : Gov. Institute Creation date : 1978
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 790 Wood-fuel staff : 32
E-mail : ibrahim.gulyurtly@ineti.pt
Web site : http://www.ineti.pt
Research Centre

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


INETI is an agency which carries out research, development and demonstration activities. Within the Ministry of Economy its focus is on the modernisation of industrial companies, services and the technological system which supports them,. INETI’s scientific and technological activities are integrated in coherent programmes and projects : information technologies, materials and production technologies, energy and environmental technologies, biotechnology, fine chemistry and food technology.


Wood-fuel expertise


- Characterisation and analysis of wood fuels.

- Study and optimisation of combustion and gasification of wood fuels.

- Study and optimisation of co-gasification and co-combustion of wood fuel mixed with coal and/or with wastes.

- Gases analysis and pollutants control.



Region of operation and references


Mainly Portugal but also projects around European countries.