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Pasea de la Castellana 95
E - 28046 MADRID

Tel.: +34 91 456 49 00Fax : +34 91 555 13 89
Contact : Isabel Blanco (International Relations Dept.)
Job : Project responsible
Statute : Public Entity Creation date : 1974
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 130 Wood-fuel staff : 10
E-mail : iblanco@idae.es
Web site : http://www.idae.es
National Energy Agency



IDAE (The Institute for the diversification and saving of Energy) is a public business-structured entity, reporting to the Ministry for Science and Technology through the Secretary of State for Science and Technology policy.

The basic function of the IDAE is to promote energy efficiency and the rational use of energy in Spain. It also seeks to promote diversity of energy sources and the use of renewable sources of energy. It promotes these aims through dissemination activities, technical consultancy and the implementation of projects with a technologically innovative component. Its action includes financial support (participation in joint ventures applying to heat and power projects, shareholdings in joint-stock companies and cooperation agreements). In the biomass field, the action covers both biofuels and bio-ethanol production.



Wood-fuel expertise


The IDAE’s objectives in relation to the biomass sector are to develop the market for installations using this renewable source of energy, both for heat production and electricity generation. This is in line with the targets set in the Renewable Energy Promotion Plan, which envisages use increasing to 900 ktoe/year of thermal energy and 5,100 ktoe/year of electricity by 2010.


Several projects that are being developed at present are the following :

- A joint-venture IDAE-Dacsa (Almāssera, Valencia), the first project of this kind to be carried out in Europe. Its innovative character lies in its use of fluidized bed combustion, using rice husks (from Maicerias Espanolas SA) as fuel.

- A biomass plant in Navarra (Sangüesa), the first power plant in Spain using straw as fuel. The straw (160,000 tonnes per year are consumed) is burnt with a vibrating grate system.

- A plant for the production of biodiesel in Reus (Tarragona, Catalonia) with an annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes and a bioethanol plant with a capacity of 80,000 tonnes per year in Cartagena (Murcia).



Region of operation


The majority of investments in this area have taken place in Spain, but the Institute also co-operates in projects in other areas of the world, mainly the European Union, North of Africa and Latin America.