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BTG P.O. Box 217

Tel.: +31 53 489 2897Fax : +31 53 489 3116
Contact : Harrie Knoef
Job : Co-ordinator
Statute : NC Creation date : NC
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : knoef@btg.ct.utwente.nl
Web site : http://www.gasnet.uk.Net
Biomass Gasification



GasNet has twenty members from all EU countries (except Luxembourg and Spain) and Switzerland.



GasNet is part of the ThermoNet project. The ThermoNet project has established a cluster of two networks on thermal processing of biomass for fuels and electricity. One network addresses gasification (GasNet) and the other pyrolysis (PyNe). Each network has its own work programme, but both have a common focus of addressing commercialisation issues and providing support for more rapid and more effective implementation of all the technologies in the market place. There are joint tasks that involve both networks and provide common approaches including pyrolysis of waste for gas production, market assessments, economics, legislative impacts, health and safety, bio-fuel standards and incentives for bio-energy. The networks function through a regular programme of meetings and workshops that address a range of technical and economic issues that affect those industries who are developing and potentially using these conversion processes.


Outputs include a regular newsletter, websites and technical reports that address all the issues under consideration. The cluster co-ordinator provides administrative support to manage the network while an executive group of the two network leaders oversees the integration and interactions between the two networks. The output is the establishment of a comprehensive trans-European forum on thermal biomass conversion that covers all the technical, economic, market, environmental and policy issues that require consideration for the establishment of a successful European thermal bio-energy industry, together with supporting newsletters and reports.


For more information, see GasNet's web site : http://www.gasnet.uk.net.