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Innovationspark Wuhlheide Köpenicker Str. 325
D - 1255 BERLIN

Tel.: +49 30 65 76 27 06Fax : +49 30 65 76 27 08
Contact : Eberhard Oettel
Job : Chairman of the board
Statute : Non profit organisation Creation date : 1993
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 124 Wood-fuel staff : 40
E-mail : FEE-eV@t-online.de
Web site : http://www.FEE-eV.de
Organisation for Promotion



FEE is a non-profit, non-governmental association of innovative enterprises, most of them small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), scientific institutes, experts and inventors in the fields of energy efficiency, application of renewable energy resources and industrial crops.

FEE manages a cooperative network of applied research, development, innovation, application and dissemination with international links.

FEE lobbies in favour of SMEs, research and development, regional, national and international strategies as well as ready-to-use technologies.

FEE is one of the founding members of German BBE (Bundesinitiative BioEnergie).



Wood-fuel expertise


- National task force “Gasification of biomass” (effective since 1994).

- Task group “Biogases – Hydrogen – Fuel cells”.



Region of operation


. Regional, national and international levels.



References and publications


- EU-JOULE-Project “Development of a small scale combined heat and power fixed bed gasification system fuelled by standard gasifier fuel”.

- Initiative for establishing a “Biogasification Center LUSATIA”.

- Associates of FEE have realized contracting models for heat supply to public schools based on wood chips, several village wood heating systems, a first project of wood-based heating and cooling, several gasifiers.

- FEE collaborated in a feasibility study and implementation of wood pellet logistics.

- Several conferences and workshops on energy use of biomass.


- Catalogues : Europäische Holzvergaser kleiner Leistung (European small scale wood gasifiers) and Wood for research and development in the area of gasification of renewable resources.