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Otto Bauer Gasse 6
A - 1060 WIEN

Tel.: +43 1 586 1524 32Fax : +43 1 586 1524 40
Contact : Christian Rakos
Job : Senior Expert
Statute : Energy Agency Creation date : 1978
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 25 Wood-fuel staff : 3
E-mail : rakos@eva.ac.at
Web site : http://www.eva.ac.at
National Energy Agency

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


E.V.A. is the Austrian Energy Agency in which the federal and the provincial administration and some thirty important institutions and corporations from a variety of economic sectors co-operate. E.V.A. is the main partner of the federal government in its effort to attain its energy policy objectives, which are : stimulation of renewable energy sources, economically efficient production, the rational use of energy and the development of innovative technologies.



Wood-fuel expertise


Focus on policy issues regarding biomass market introduction.



Region of operation and fields of application