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Eurec Agency
26, rue du Trône

Tel.: +32 2 546 19 31Fax : +32 2 546 19 34
Contact : Karel Derveaux
Job : General Secretary
Statute : NC Creation date : 1991
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : derveaux@eurec.be
Web site : http://www.eurec.be
Renewable Energy R&D



EUREC Agency was established as a European Economic Interest Grouping in 1991 to strengthen and rationalize the European RD&D efforts on renewable energy technologies. As an independent association, it groups about 40 prominent RD&D groups from all EU States - except Luxembourg. The research fields include solar buildings, wind, photovoltaics, biomass, small hydro, solar thermal power stations, ocean energy, solar chemistry and solar materials, hybrid systems, developing countries and integration of renewable energy in the energy infrastructure.


The fields of operation of EUREC Agency are :

- Fostering contacts and co-operation between its members and European industry as well as selected EU political groupings active in the field of renewable energy utilization.

- Providing targeted information to the European Commission, the Directorate-Generals and the Parliament and groupings of parliamentarians with a special responsibility for energy affairs.

- Preparation of consensus position papers with road maps and strategies for RD&D on different renewable energy technologies.

- Managing and co-ordination of projects which are of general interest for renewable energy technologies.

- Dissemination of know-how of renewable energy technologies to both the general public and specific target groups.

- Providing a platform for common initiatives with international organisations and will pay special attention to the transfer of knowledge and technologies to the Developing World.


To contact EUREC Agency :


- general secretary :    Karel DERVEAUX (see above)


- biomass contact :        Mr K. BLOK


Kanaalweg 16-G

NL - 3526 KL Utrecht

P.O. Box 8408

NL - 3503 RK Utrecht

The Netherlands

Tél. : +31 65 586 67 36

Fax : +31 30 280 83 01

E-mail : k.blok@ecofys.nl


For more information, see EUREC Agency's web site : http://www.eurec.be.