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European Biomass Industry Association
Rond-Point Schuman 6

Tel.: +32 2 28 28 420Fax : +32 2 28 28 424
Contact : Giuliano Grassi
Job : NC
Statute : NC Creation date : 1996
Spoken languages : Eng, It
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : NC
Web site : NC
Biomass Industry



EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association was registered in 1996 as an international non-profit association in Brussels (Belgium). This association groups 28 industrial companies and holdings (total staff : more than 500,000) from Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Finland and France. EUBIA intends to contribute in strengthening European policies in the biomass sector, protecting industrial interest, identifying new opportunities, promoting job creation and a better environment.


The fields of operation of EUBIA are :

- promoting bioenergy activities at small, medium and large scale in collaboration with local authorities, agriculture organisations, local partners and industries ;

- promoting modern, efficient, environmentally sound and commercial bioenergy schemes, technologies, products and markets ;

- promoting international co-operation in bioenergy ;

- promoting education and training activity in bioenergy ;

- promoting innovative concepts and technologies.


For more information, see EUBIA's web site : http://www.eubia.org.