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2, chemin de Palente
F - 25000 BESANCON

Tel.: +33 3 81 65 36 80Fax : +33 3 81 50 73 51
Contact : NC
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Statute : Non-profit organisation Creation date : 1990
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : info@energie-cites.org
Web site : http://www.energie-cites.org
Energy in Urbain Municipalities



Energie-Cités is a thematic network specialising in energy whose action falls into line with an overall integrated approach to urban issues. It is an association of European municipalities whose various projects and actions involve some 200 municipalities including about 100 members drawn from 20 European countries. For several years Energie-Cités has been working closely with the different European institutions, the Members-States and others institutions such as the International Energy Agency.


Energie-Cités objectives are :

-  to reinforce the role and powers of municipalities in the energy sphere, and in particular in the sphere of energy efficiency, renewable energy and protection of the environment ;

-  to organise debate on aspects of the EU's energy policy in the field of energy, environment and urban policy and to voice the opinions of local authorities ;

-  to develop municipal initiatives through the exchange of experience, the transfer of know-how and the organisation of shared projects.


Energie-Cités scope :

-  subjects : urban questions in relation to a sustainable energy policy in a context of liberalisation of energy markets : Local Agenda 21, air quality, pollution and greenhouse gas prevention, wiser use of natural resources, decentralised energy production and distribution, town planning, renewable energy sources, urban mobility, waste management, local energy management agencies.

-  territory : the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Central and Eastern Europe (Energie-Cités networks exist in Poland and Romania) ; co-operation with countries south of the Mediterranean, Canada (Quebec) and Brazil (the Brazilian Network of the Efficient Municipalities in the field of Electricity).


The head office of Energie-Cités is located in Besançon, France (see above).


The association has also an office in Brussels (Belgium) :

29, rue Paul Emile Janson

B - 1050 Bruxelles

Tel : + 32 2 544 09 21

Fax : + 32 2 544 15 81

E-mail : energie-cites.bxl@euronet.be


For more information, see Energie-Cités's web site : http://www.energie-cites.org.