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ENEA, C.R. Casaccia
Via Anguillarese 301
I - 00060 (S. Maria di Galeria) ROMA

Tel.: +39 6 3048 3539Fax : +39 6 3048 6452
Contact : Vincenzo Gerardi
Job : NC
Statute : Public Institute Creation date : 1992
Spoken languages : It, Eng
Staff : 4000 Wood-fuel staff : 18
E-mail : gerardiv@Casaccia.enea.it
Web site : http://www.enea.it
National Energy Agency



ENEA is the Italian Governmental Agency responsible for the fields of new technology, energy and environment. The fundamental tasks of ENEA in these areas are to conduct research and to diffuse the results nationally.



Wood-fuel expertise and fields of application


- Training and diffusion of information. Preparation of national energy plans.

- Modelling of engineering systems and process monitoring.


. Small and medium-sized gasifiers.

. Qualification of combustion devices.

. Production of electricity.

. Non-food agricultural crops production.

. Pretreatment of biomass (steam explosion) and biofuel production (bioethanol).