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BTG P.O. Box 217

Tel.: +31 53 489 2897Fax : +31 53 489 3116
Contact : Douwe Van Der Berg
Job : Co-ordinator
Statute : NC Creation date : NC
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : office@eeci.net
Web site : http://www.eeci.net
Energy Crops



EECI (European Energy Crops Inter-Network) groups nineteen institutes representing fourteen EU countries, involved in research, development and implementation activities of energy crops production, processing and utilisation.


The goal of EECI is to provide all relevant parties (farmers, energy producers and distributors, organisations involved in logistics, energy policy makers) with up-to-date information on energy crops in Europe (production, harvesting, processing and utilization of woody and herbaceous crops) by easy access to the network databases.


For more information, see EECI's web site : http://www.eeci.net.