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Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
P.O. Box 1

Tel.: +31 224 56 4658Fax : +31 224 56 3489
Contact : J. Prij
Job : Branch Manager
Statute : Foundation Creation date : 1955
Spoken languages : Dut, Eng, Fr, Germ
Staff : 650 Wood-fuel staff : 30
E-mail : biomass@ecn.nl
Web site : http://www.ecn.nl
Research Centre

ECN / Energieonderzock Centrum Netherlan


The Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) is an independent organisation for research, development, policy studies, provision of services and transfer of know-how in the energy field. ECN is a know-how institute with about 650 employees carrying out assignments for national and international companies, organisations (e.g. World Bank, Commission of the European Communities) and governments all over the world. About 30 people are working on biomass technology. Research and development is carried out in co-operation with industrial partners to ensure a close connection to market requirements.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Fluidised bed gasification for biomass CHP production.

- Downdraft gasification for biomass CHP production.

- Pyrolysis of biomass and waste.

- Gas cleaning, tar treatment, tar measurement.

- Fixed bed and fluidised bed combustion.

- Development of new concepts for synfuel production.

- Agglomeration of ash, utilization of ash.

- Mineral material transformation in thermal processes.

- Process and reactor simulation, system assessment.

- Standardization and characterization of biofuels.

- Micro-algae cultivation.

- Process chain analyses.



References and publications


- Gasification of wood waste from public gardens for CHP production.

- Circulating fluidised bed gasification experiments at ECN.

- Combined production of chemicals and biomass with microalgae in a closed photobioreactor.

- Economically optimal production and allocation of biofuels for transport in the Netherlands.