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Dan Trim A/S
Islandsvej 2

Tel.: +45 97 13 34 00Fax : +45 97 13 34 66
Contact : Ole Soeborg
Job : NC
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1982
Spoken languages : Dan, Eng, Germ
Staff : 4 Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : dantrim@dantrim.dk
Web site : http://www.dantrim.com

Shredders and conditioning equipment
Automatic feeding systems
Accessories(dust absorbers, condensing units,...)
Other thermal equipment (pyrolysis, gasification, CHP,...)
Burners and boilers :
< 100 kW 500 - 2.000 kW
100 - 500 kW > 2.000 kW



Dan Trim is a subsidiary of the Milton International Group producing high technology burners fired with biomass such as wood chips and wood pellets.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Uses : heat.


- Clients : private housing, district heating networks, industry.


- Fuel : sawdust, wood waste, wood chips, granulated wood and wood pellets, fruit shells and kernels, etc.


- Product range :

.  Domestic burners fired with fruit kernels or granulated wood (from 10 to 25 kW).

.  Granulated wood, chip and sawdust burners for small collective buildings (from 20 to 150 kW), with automatic feed system as an option.

.  Industrial burners (from 0.2 to 4 MW) with screw feeding system and screw ash removal system.



Additional information :


.  Water-cooled combustion chamber.

.  Combustion controlled with photoelectric cell.

.  Slag crushing screw on large boilers (recommended for difficult combustion processes).



Region of operation and references


. Mainly Denmark but also Sweden, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Latvia, France, Lithuania, England, Philippines and Japan.