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CRA Gembloux (Agricultural Engineering Dept.)
Chaussée de Namur, 146

Tel.: +32 81 61 25 01Fax : +32 81 61 58 47
Contact : Yves Schenkel
Job : Director
Statute : Public Institute Creation date : 1912
Spoken languages : Fr, Eng, Dut
Staff : 40 Wood-fuel staff : 12
E-mail : schenker@cragx.fgov.be
Web site : http://www.cragx.fgov.be
Research Centre



The Agricultural Engineering Department of the Agricultural Research Centre in Gembloux carries out research and experimentation in the fields of agricultural mechanisation and energy and industrial use of biomass. The Unit dealing with Energy and Industrial Use of Biomass studies whether it is feasible to use biomass as a renewable energy source of energy and industrial material. The four groups linked to this Unit are mobilisation, conditioning, energy and industrial use.


CRA Gembloux is also the head contact for the BELBIOM (the Belgian Biomass Association) and ERBE (the Regional Biomass Energy Agency).


The BELBIOM aims to promote the production and utilisation of biomass in Belgium. For more information, see BELBIOM’s web site : http://www.cragx.fgov.be/belbiom or e-mail to belbiom@cragx.fgov.be.


ERBE is a regional association created in 1995 in Wallonia. Its activities are assistance to the implementation of bioenergy projects and advice and dissemination of information. For more information, see ERBE’s web site : http://www.cragx.fgov.be or e-mail to erbe@cragx.fgov.be.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Studies on tree-planting for energy.

- Studies on the use of biomass for energy.

- Technical studies (densifying of wood, carbonisation, gasification…).

- Development of equipment (biomass gasifier with stirling engine for electricity production).

- Monitoring of experimental plants, technology transfer and training.

- Rural sustainable development.

- Participation in the Wood-fuel Group of the Energy Institute comprising French-speaking countries (IEPF), and in various technical committees (International Energy Agency, Belbiom...).



Region of operation and fields of application


. Mainly Belgium and tropical areas.


- Firewood for domestic use.

- Small scale heat and/or power production.



References and publications


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