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Co-Energy Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
Csengery Utca 11

Tel.: +36 1 462 8008Fax : +36 1 342 1730
Contact : Laszlo Zsuffa
Job : Managing Director
Statute : Private Co. Creation date : 2000
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 5 Wood-fuel staff : 2
E-mail : office@co-energy.datanet.hu
Web site : NC
Engineering Company

Pandis GmbH is a developing, manufacturing and sales company in the electronical field


Co-Energy Ltd is an engineering and consulting company engaged in energy related projects. Its activity is focused on the use of renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, such as wood and straw and biogas. Recently created, Co-Energy is continuing the activities of EKFM Ltd in energy issues, building on it experience and references in this field developed over the last decades.



Wood-fuel expertise


Feasibility studies, project preparation, development, design and implementation.



Region of operation







- Woodchip fired boiler of 5 MW capacity, Tata District Heat Supply Ltd (supported by Danish grant).

- Energy master plan and feasibility study for 3 cities (organized and financed by the World Bank).

- Potential use of biomass in Hungary (feasibility study organized and financed by the World Bank).

- About 25 biomass fired industrial boilers and heat supply systems between the range of 0,5-15 MW.