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Caldareria Costruzioni Termomeccaniche SRL
Via R. Sanzio, 2d
I - 21031 GALLARATE (Varese)

Tel.: +39 0331 22 68Fax : +39 0331 777 686
Contact : S. Ilik
Job : Sales Manager Gasification Division
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : NC
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : cctenergy@gruppomarcegaglia.com
Web site : http://www.gruppomarcegaglia.com

Shredders and conditioning equipment
Automatic feeding systems
Accessories(dust absorbers, condensing units,...)
Other thermal equipment (pyrolysis, gasification, CHP,...)
Burners and boilers :
< 100 kW 500 - 2.000 kW
100 - 500 kW > 2.000 kW



CCT (Caldareria Costruzioni Termomeccaniche S.r.l.) is an industrial firm which has been active for more than 40 years in the Italian and international markets of steam generators and components for steam and power plants. It manufactures water tube boilers and heat recovery boilers and has joined the industrial and financial group Marcegeglia (4 700 employees).


Wood-fuel expertise


- Uses : power and heat generation, district heating.

- Clients : industry and public companies.

- Fuel :    waste from agro-forestry processes, waste from wood transformation industries, other biomass (olive residues…).

- Product range :

. Biomass fired steam generators.

. Water tube boilers (saturated or super-heated steam) from 10 to 200 T/hr.

. Fluidized bed combustors (EPI systems).

. Heat recovery boilers (post-firing, auxiliary firing, NOx and CO abatement).


Additional information


- Design, manufacturing, shipping, on-site construction and service.

- Creation of a new concept « Greenpower » : gasification plants for biomass with power and heat generation.

- Beside its in-house capabilities, CCT has developed several technology agreements such as a joint venture based in UK with Nooter Eriksen Inc. St Louis (USA), and others with EPI (Energy Products of Idaho, USA) and ENSOFOR (Switzerland).


Region of operation


Europe, Middle East and world-wide.