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Bio-Energy Research Group
Chemical Engineering Aston University

Tel.: +44 121 359 3611Fax : +44 121 359 6814
Contact : Tony Bridgwater
Job : Director
Statute : Research Group Creation date : 1985
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : 15 Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : a.v.bridgwater@aston.ac.uk
Web site : http://www.pyne.ac.uk
United Kingdom
Research Centre

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BERG (Bio-Energy Research Group, Aston University) is an important thermal biomass conversion research group and one of the leading laboratories in the world in this area. Its objectives are to apply chemical engineering science and technology to help provide the world with sufficient energy, fuels and chemicals from renewable and sustainable resources for the needs of tomorrow. To this end, BERG is developing novel thermal processes allowing to convert biomass into oils and gases, which can be used to produce electricity, fuels and chemicals.



Wood-fuel expertise


- Primary focus of the research for the last 15 years : fast pyrolysis of biomass and solid wastes for liquid fuels and chemicals :

- new pyrolysis reactors such as the novel 5 kG/h ablative pyrolyser ;

- improving and evaluating orthodox systems, particularly fluid bed reactors ;

- exploring the effects of catalysts in fast pyrolysis.

- Secondary but major activity : design and techno-economic assessment of bio-energy systems, particularly fast pyrolysis processes for producing liquid fuels that are used in heat and power applications.

- In addition, a unique downdraft biomass gasifier has been developed and tested.



Region of operation and references


World-wide activities through PyNe network and IEA Bioenergy and consultancy.