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VTT Processes P.O. Box 1603

Tel.: +358 14 672 550Fax : +358 14 672 598
Contact : Eija Alakangas
Job : Co-ordinator
Statute : NC Creation date : 1995
Spoken languages : NC
Staff : NC Wood-fuel staff : NC
E-mail : eija.alakangas@vtt.fi
Web site : http://www. net.vtt.fi
Energy from Biomass



The European bioenergy network, AFB-net, was established in 1995 to promote the utilisation of the biomass in Europe. The network concentrates on actions to promote biomass utilisation and business opportunities in Europe.


The AFB-net brings together industry representatives from 14 European Union countries in a 'whole chain' approach to stimulate the commercial and industrial exploitation of biomass energy in Europe. The network was managed by ETSU for four years (1995-1998) and is now managed by VTT Processes (1999-2001). It is supported by the Directorate General for Transport and Energy (DG TREN) of the European Commission under its Altener Programme.


Actions of AFB-net are :

- meetings ;

- mini-training seminars and other events ;

- study tours ;

- evaluation and identification of "success stories" ;

- dissemination of biomass knowledge and experience by AFB-net reports, newsletters and Internet-pages.


For more information, see AFB-net's web site : http://afbnet.vtt.fi.