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AEA Technology Environment / ETSU
Harwell, Didcot

Tel.: +44 1235 433 001Fax : +44 1235 433 990
Contact : Paul Maryan
Job : NC
Statute : Ltd. Co Creation date : 1996
Spoken languages : Most European
Staff : 750 Wood-fuel staff : 10
E-mail : paul.maryan@aeat.co.uk
Web site : http://www.aeat-env.com ; http://www.etsu.com
United Kingdom
National Energy Agency



AEA Technology Environment is the organisation within which ETSU is located. The company is involved with the implementation of renewable energy technologies including creating markets for wood fuel in the UK.


ETSU, created in 1975, is a state agency promoting the use of renewable energy and « clean » coal for the British Department of Trade and Industry. The organisation is also working on a European and international scale.



Wood-fuel expertise


AEA Technology Environment has pioneered the development of wood heat as a service provided by newly created local business activities in the rural sector. This approach is being demonstrated through a number of local initiatives in the UK.


ETSU has brought financial support to research & development projects, especially under the NFFO programme. It participates in European and international networks such as OPET and CADDET.



Region of operation and fields of application



- Development and application of novel business solutions leading to the creation of fully commercial, unsubsudised markets for wood heat.

- The creation and management of local and regional partnerships to deliver a new rural industry based on wood heat as a locally supplied service.



- Resource mobilisation (fast growing coppice, forest residues, Miscanthus crops…).

- Wood heating technologies (inventory of existing plants, design of multi-fuel burners).

- Electricity production and combined heat and power plants.





ETSU's publications are :

- Review, the magazine of new and renewable energy, published by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

- « An Assessment of Renewable Energy for the UK », HMSO Publications Centre.

- Leaflets « Renewable Energy » (DTI) on cultivation, conditioning and combustion of short rotation coppice wood and forest wood-fuel.