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Agence de l'Environ. et de la Maîtrise de l'Ener.
27, rue Louis Vicat
F - 75737 PARIS Cedex 15

Tel.: +33 1 47 65 24 00Fax : +33 1 47 36 48 83
Contact : Claude Roy
Job : Director of Agriculture/Bioenergies Section
Statute : Public Institute Creation date : 1990
Spoken languages : Fr, Eng
Staff : 850 Wood-fuel staff : 30
E-mail : boisenergie@ademe.fr
Web site : http://www.ademe.fr
National Energy Agency



The Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) results from the merging, in 1990, of the French Agency for Energy Management (AFME), the National Agency for recycling and disposal of waste (ANRED) and the Agency for the air quality (AQA). Within the authority of three ministries (Industry, Research and Environment), ADEME has the following goals: the protection of the environment (waste, noise, air and soil quality), rational use of energy and development of renewable energy sources.

ADEME has three national offices (Paris, Angers and Sofia-Antipolis) and 26 regional delegations relay its activities across the country. One of its projects, AGRICE, a Scientific Interest Group with representatives of chemical, industry, agriculture and energy sectors, aims to develop new market opportunities for agricultural products. It is also a member of different European networks (OPET, IEA, AFB-net, NTB...).



Wood-fuel expertise


Promoting wood-fuel is one of ADEME's major activities. The ‘Wood-Fuel and Local Development Plan’, launched in January 1994, has received a strengthened endowment for the 2000-2006 period especially in the framework of the French Greenhouse Plan. Carried out in partnership with departments, local authorities and industrial firms, this programme aims to :

- develop wood-fuel district heating networks ;

- favour local wood supply for heating plants ;

- improve performance of domestic wood appliances and quality of wood-fuels.


At the regional and local level, ADEME brings assistance in collaboration with its local partners to R&D operations and to promotion and dissemination actions. It co-finances new equipment (heating plants, supply and conditioning equipment…).



Region of operation and fields of application


. France and Europe.


- Heating in all sectors (especially district heating and wood industry).

- CHP.





- Co-financing of several hundred wood-fired heating plants.

- National quality charters for wood devices and log wood.